Second Adept White Paper Published

The Adept consortium are delighted to announce the publication of the second Adept White Paper, "Evaluating Power Usage of Hardware Platforms". 

This White Paper follows on from the first Adept White Paper and describes the work undertaken on the project to characterise and understand power usage on a number of different hardware platforms, using the Adept Power Measurement System.

You can read the White Paper here:

Andrew McCormick, Nick Johnson, David Dolman, Chris Holyoake, Stefanos Kaxiras, and Vasileios Spiliopoulos. "Evaluating Power Usage on Hardware Platforms." Adept Project White Paper. June 2016.

EMiT: Emerging Technologies Conference

Dr Michele Weiland, leader of the Adept project, will be giving a keynote at the EMiT Conference in Barcelona on Friday, 3rd June 2016.

"Efficient HPC: Waste Not, Want Not"

The focus of the HPC community is firmly on reaching its next big goal: the Exascale. There are many technical hurdles that need to be overcome to reach this goal in the next five to ten years, but there is an underlying theme of efficiency. HPC applications often only use a few percent of the peak performance a system can offer, wasting vast amounts of resources that could be exploited to achieve increased science throughput. The efficiency of Exascale systems in terms of power is also of great concern – we will need to achieve 50 GFlop/s per Watt if we want to stay within a 20MW power envelope. In this talk, I will present the work of two projects: Adept, which investigates and models power/energy expenditure in parallel systems; and NEXTGenIO, which exploits Intel 3D XPoint technology to eliminate the I/O bottleneck in large-scale parallel systems.

To find out more about this conference, visit

Intel Xeon Phi User Group Conference: IXPUG

Adept was presented at the IXPUG/EMEA Conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The conference ran from 14-18 March 2016 and Adept was presented by EPCC's Emmanouil Farsarakis on Wednesday, March 16th at 16:00.

This talk concerned the work that Adept has undertaken in developing its power management tools, and also about using the RAPL tool for Intel processors.

If you would like to watch the talk, you can do so via IXPUG's recorded stream of the event here; the Adept talk begins at 07:11:00.

Slides from the talk will also be available shortly. 


Publication Round-Up

2015 was a very busy year for Adept! It was the second full year of the project and we authored a number of articles, presentations and talks during the course of the year. This includes the Adept White Paper and 2 public Deliverables, which provide some insight into the research the project has undertaken. Below is a list of all the publications we put out during 2015, and you can see the full list of all of our publications on the Articles page.

Public Project Deliverables

Nick Johnson et al., "Adept Deliverable D2.3 - Updated Report on Adept Benchmarks", September 2015.

Andrew McCormick et al., "Adept Deliverable D3.2 - Power Usage of Hardware Platforms", March 2015.


Sam van den Steen et al., "Micro-Architecture Independent Analytical Processor Performance and Power Modeling", IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS), Philadelphia, March 2015. Nominated for Best Paper award.

Sander De PestelStijn Eyerman and Lieven Eeckhout, "Micro-Architecture Independent Branch Behavior Characterization", IEEE International Symposium on Performance Analysis of Systems and Software (ISPASS), Philadelphia, March 2015

White Papers

Nick Johnson, Michèle Weiland, Trevor Carlson and Sudarshan Balaji. "A Benchmark Suite for Power and Performance Measurement". Adept Project White Paper. November 2015.

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks

Michèle Weiland, "Measuring Power Consumption in Software and Hardware", EPCC-Moscow Institutes Workshop, Edinburgh, February 2016

Nick Johnson, James Perry and Michèle Weiland, "Energy measurement at the Exascale", EASC 2015, Edinburgh, April 2015.

Sam Van den Steen, Sander De Pestel, Moncef Mechri, Stijn Eyerman, Trevor Carlson, Erik Hagersten, David Black-Schaffer and Lieven Eeckhout, "Micro-Architecture Independent Analytical Processor Performance and Power Modeling", ISPASS 2015, Philadelphia, March 2015

Michèle Weiland, "The Adept project - investigating energy efficiency", Edinburgh-Tsukuba Collaboration workshop, Edinburgh, March 2015.

Nick Brown, "The Adept project - investigating energy efficiency", Annual Conference of the Innovate UK Energy Efficient Computing SIG, Manchester, March 2015.

Adept White Paper Published

The Adept Project consortium has published a White Paper detailing some of the advances the project has made. The White Paper was published in November 2015.

This White Paper concerns the Adept Benchmark Suite, which allows the measurement of power consumption and performance. There are a series of benchmarks, from small 'nano' benchmarks up to full application benchmarks.

You can read the White Paper here: 

Nick Johnson, Michèle Weiland, Trevor Carlson and Sudarshan Balaji. "A Benchmark Suite for Power and Performance Measurement". Adept Project White Paper. November 2015.

Adept at SC15!

Adept is at SC15 in Austin, Texas, from the 15th to 19th November 2015.

We're at the EPCC booth #2503, so please stop by to see our new videos, pick up a copy of our white paper on benchmarking for power usage characterisation or simply chat to us about what we do!

Adept Benchmarks released!

We have now released the first version of the Adept Benchmarks for power and performance measurement. You can download them from EPCC's GitHub repository.

If you have suggestions for improvements, or spot any mistakes, please let us know by creating an 'issue' and we will do our best to follow up promptly!

Adept in Scientific Computing World

The Adept project has been discussed in a Scientific Computing World article- Software softens energy demands. You can read the full article at:

Teaser from the article:

"But in order to reduce power consumption, it must first be measured. In the Adept project, energy measurement is EPCC’s role –developing the benchmarks -- while Alpha Data is providing the power measurement board that filters data so as to get the highest resolution power reading. According to Johnson, EPCC has a set of different types of hardware in the laboratory so that it can test performance on different architectures and then provide feedback on the accuracy of the model’s predictions as compared to the actual energy consumption."

Adept Measurement System Introduction

The Adept project has published a video which is an introduction to instrumenting a computer for power measurement with the Adept measurement system. Please watch to learn more:

Presentation: Energy Efficient Parallel Software for Radio Access Networks

Adept team member Erik Berg recently presented at the SICS Software Week. His talk was titled ‘Energy Efficient Parallel Software for Radio Access Networks’. You can view the talk in the video below:

Abstract: The increasing number of radio base stations for mobile communication emphasizes the need for improved energy efficiency. Better alignment of the hardware and software properties is one way to reduce energy consumption. Another approach is to design scalable software that enables powering down idle devices. This presentation will highlight some of the research activities at Ericsson targeting this increasingly important area, including the EU FP7 Adept project. The Adept project develops models and tools to predict the power consumption and performance of parallel systems.