Addressing Energy in Parallel TechnologieselectricityribbonsSmall

The project addresses the challenge of energy and power efficiency of parallel computing devices. Adept uses expertise from high-performance computing (HPC) software developers, and Embedded systems engineers. HPC developers are experts in exploiting parallelism for performance, while Embedded engineers excel at managing energy and power usage.

Adept's focus is balancing power consumption and performance in both parallel software and hardware. There are two aspects of power consumption and performance that Adept will investigate. The first is the implications of parallelism in programming models and algorithms, and the second is the choice of hardware. It plans to do this in several ways.

First, the project is developing a tool for software developers. This will guide them and help them to model power use and performance in their systems. Alongside this tool, Adept is developing a suite of benchmarks which will test power and energy consumption. The benchmarks may be anything from single instructions up to small applications. Additionally, Adept is also developing a fine-grained power measurement infrastructure.

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